Michael Huang



Project Lead

Experience: 2 years

Projects Led: 2

Email Address: michael@ChapResearch.com

Interesting Fact: Michael is an avid recurve archer!


Michael Huang is a junior at Westlake this year. He has been in FIRST Robotics for three years. During his two years in Chap Research, he has lead the ChapX Team, and built a custom PCB sensor hub (The SensorPro) for his FTC team. In school, Michael is the junior year valedictorian, and an officer in both the CompSci and Stock Market club; his favorite subjects are Math, Physics, and Computer Science. In his free time, Michael enjoys practicing competition archery in his garage/the Austin JOAD range, reading books, and watching movies. Michael has a variety of experience in software (Java, Python RobotC, Javascript, and a bit of PHP and SQL) and embedded electronics through manufacturing ChapRs, as well as creating a custom PCB sensor controller for his FTC team. He is also enthusiastic about computer vision and has experience using OpenCV with Python.

Notable Projects

Project Name Role Final outcome Summary Date Completed White Paper/Contributions
ChapX Project Lead Completed Created an interactive touch game to exhibit at the February 2015 TEDx xLabs event in Austin February, 2015 ChapX-White-Paper
The SensorPro Project Lead Completed Created a board to quickly, easily, and accurately track position June 2015 The SensorPro
ARBattles Computer Vision Lead/Specialist Completed Created Interactive 2- player projection mapping game with vertical wall climber-bots and a projector February, 2016 CV Ongoing Documentation