Lewis Jones

Lewis is a graduate of Westlake, and was the resident CAD expert for the team. As a member of Chap Research, he was one of the few sources of maturity, keeping everyone on task at meetings. He was the project lead of the Chap Measuring Press, as well as a valuable contributor to the various senior staff meetings. Working as a mentor for several FTC teams and driving the design on the FRC team, Lewis was also an avid member of our school robotics team. Dedicated to a fault, he worked so hard that he even refused to go out to eat in the evenings, preferring to work on his laptop on his latest CAD model or watch videos of one of the many robots he fanboys over.

Publications, Seminars, Patents

Type Date Achieved Summary Link
Seminar Summer, 2015 Designed and presented a CAD seminar spanning six weeks in the summer, teaching dozens of high school students how to use SolidWorks.