Ben Gorr

Ben Bio Pic Years in Program: 3
Projects Led: 2
Cool Fact: Ben is not the lead inventor on a US patent!


Ben Gorr is a graduate of Westlake, as well as a founding member of Chap Research. Altogether too humble to write his own bio, he refused to be called anything other than “hardware guy” while working on the Chap Remote. However, he’s quite the hardware guy, as he designed the PCB for the ChapR, marketed the device and spoke about the program. He is also listed on the patent for the ChapR. He was the electronics lead on FRC team 2468, as well as having been on Sigma 6710 with Rachel freshman year. Always hardworking and willing to take on even the most unpleasant tasks (aka clearing cockroaches out of the closet we used as storage), Ben served in a variety of roles, even (reluctantly) acting in the ChapR commercial alongside Rachel and Akshay (the other member of the original Chap Remote team).


Project Name Role Final outcome Summary Date Completed
ChapR Electronics/Manufacturing Patent Controlling robots via Bluetooth, see the website here 2015
BeatBoard Project Lead TBD Sound-colored lights; flashing 3 LEDs to the beat of music, based on three frequency ranges for use on FRC robots, see the project page here 2015

Publications, Patents, Seminars

Type Date Achieved Summary Link
Patent June 2015 Patent for ChapR US Pat No. 9043031
Seminar June 20, 2015 Teaching electronics concepts Playlist