Seminars are a requirement of all experienced Chap Research members in order for them to not only pass along the knowledge they’ve gained from Chap Research, but also give them practice teaching, presenting and planning. Each seminar is designed to be a very brief introduction into its respective topic; these seminars are by no means complete. They are also primarily designed to be interactive, and therefore are not always as effective digitally. However, below are the various seminars that have been given so far, as well as videos of their delivery and hard copies of the curriculum whenever possible.

Web Development SeminarRachel Gardner

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Total hours: 15.5 hours (over 2 sessions)
Total attendance: 38 students (over 2 sessions)


  • How the internet works
  • Using linux servers (and PuTTY)
  • Using Emacs
  • Writing HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP
  • Using WordPress

Resources: Curriculum, Notes, Filled-In Notes

Electronics SeminarBen Gorr

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Total attendance: 20 students (over 2 sessions)


  • Voltage, current and resistance
  • Parallel and series circuits
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
  • Potentiometers and voltage dividers
  • AC voltage
  • Oscilloscopes and function generators

SolidWorks SeminarLewis Jones

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Total attendance: 25 students


  • Navigating through Solidworks
  • Linking parts through mates
  • Creating a 2D and 3D sketches
  • Adding to an assembly
  • Measuring and weighing parts

Resources: Files used in the video