Philip Liu

Project Lead

Years in Program: 2
Projects Led: 1
Instagram (for robotics updates): philip.w.liu
Cool Fact: Philip laughs a lot.

Current Goal: Philip is learning programming languages (PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc.)


Philip Liu is a junior at Westlake High School heavily involved in STEM programs. With the opportunities provided to him, he has worked hard to become a respected leader with a unique impact. His experiences have led to the development of both management and technical skills including leadership, communication, and perseverance. In Chap Research, Philip documents the CMP, leads CROMA, and serves on the senior staff. Outside of Chap Research, Philip is the President of SACOT: the STEM Advocacy Conference of Texas. SACOT is an organization to help spread STEM through advocacy in local and state governments. He is a member of FRC 2468 Team Appreciate and serves as a student, teammate, and mentor. On 2468, Philip is a member of the outreach sub-team and co-leads the pitching sub-team. He uses his knowledge of machinery to assist in technical aspects of the robot and teach less-experienced robotics teams. One of his goals is to maintain a sustainable STEM pipeline in the local community. Without the help of older students and mentors, Philip wouldn’t be the person he is today. That’s why it’s one of his responsibilities as an individual to give back and help others reach their maximum potential (this statement is similar to an essay he helped write for 2468). With his spare time (haha), Philip practices TaeKwonDo and plays football and basketball with his friends. He has a passion for everything he does and loves to do it all with a smile. 🙂


Project Name Role Final Outcome Summary Date Completed
Chap Measuring Press (CMP) Hardware Completed The CMP is an all hardware, inexpensive, efficient, and accurate measuring tool to create markings. October 2015
Chap Research Outreach Management Application (CROMA) Project Lead In Progress CROMA is a web-application and database developed for FIRST robotics teams to manage their outreach. N/A