Jake Rothfus

Jake Rothfus


Experience: First Year
Email: Jake@ChapResearch.com
Cool Fact: My band, Tech 12, has played at the Trial of Lights.


Jake is a freshman at Westlake High School and this is his first year in Chap Research. He is working on the Chap FCS and also helped solder some of the ChapRs. Jake has participated in robotics since 5th grade, and has always been interested in the STEM field, which is why he applied for Chap Research. He is currently working on the console for the Chap FCS, which are programmed in python, and is learning Java in his computer science class at school. Outside of Chap Research, Jake has played drums for 7 years and currently sings and plays drums in 2 bands, Tech 12 and Tuesday Night. In his free time he enjoys gaming and both playing and listening to music.


Project Name Role Final Outcome Summary Date Completed
Chap FCS Contributor In Progress Programming the console In Progress