Shrey Majmudar


Project Lead

Years in Program: 1
Projects Led: 1
Fun Fact: Shrey was one of two students chosen from his High School to work with Stanford University’s Challenge Success program!


Shrey Majmudar is a junior at Westlake High School. Shrey has been involved with STEM activities since 2nd grade, participating in all 4 FIRST Robotics programs from Jr. FLL to FRC. He is the outreach team lead for FRC 2468 and also has a wide range of manufacturing skills. Shrey has a working proficiency in multiple software languages including HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Java, and RobotC. He enjoys giving back to the community by teaching STEM skills to underserved kids of all ages through Skillpoint Alliance (a non-profit organization) as well as through directing camps for his FRC team. In addition to his avid passion for STEM, Shrey sits on the Student Council Executive Board through which he works with key administration and faculty to make a lasting impact at his High School and in his school district. Shrey has established himself as an effective leader by encompassing valuable skills such as management, efficient communication, and negotiation. Shrey is also passionate about the fine arts which he exhibits through learning the piano since an early age, and playing the viola at nursing homes around Austin. In his free time, Shrey enjoys biking, watching action shows, public speaking, and being an aviation enthusiast.


Project Name Role Final Outcome Summary Date Completed
CROMA Contributor In Progress An easy-to-use online platform which helps robotics teams schedule, manage, and organize their outreach events, and facilitates the documentation of such events. In Progress
FRC ChapR Project Lead/Corporate Liaison In Progress Developing, debugging and testing a new version of the ChapR designed to work for FRC teams to drive their robots over Bluetooth. In Progress