Riya Aggarwal



Years in Program: 3
Projects Led: 2
Email: Riya@ChapResearch.com
LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/riyaaggarwal

Cool Fact:

Riya has been featured in a NPR marketplace segment for her entrepreneurship pitch!



Riya is a senior at Westlake High School.  For her first project, she worked with Rachel Gardner to learn how to debug ChapR code, as well as help test out the newly developed code for the FRC ChapR. Since then, she has been the lead on two other projects (ARbattles and DeltaBot), as well as taking over the position of CEO. For the past two years, she’s participated on the electronics subteam of RoBox (http://robox.chapresearch.com). Outside of Chap Research, Riya has been a part of robotics teams for four years, working on aspects from programming to marketing.



Project Name Role Final outcome Summary Date Completed
FRC ChapR Programming Completed Developing, debugging and testing a new version of the ChapR designed to work for FRC teams to drive their robots over Bluetooth. January 2017
ARbattles Project Lead, Programming Completed A game that incorperates small magnetic robots on a vertical surface with projected game pieces to create an entirely new experience. June 2016
DeltaBot Project Lead Completed A system designed to help provide valuable scouting data about robots during competitions. November 2017
RoBox Project Contributor, Electronics In progress A small, affordable robotics kit designed to foster interest in STEM In Progress