Parker Bergen


IT Specialist

Years In Program: 1
Projects Led: 0

Cool Fact I have done mountain boarding!


I have participated in FIRST Robotics for 3 years. I have done one year of First Lego League and am currently in my second year of the First Technology Challenge. I am a programmer (HTML, Java, RobotC, some Linux) and an electrician. I am always up for a challenge and love to learn more. This is one of the reasons I applied and joined Chap Research. I used to help old people (mostly Spanish speaking) learn how to use computers. Right now, I am working on CROMA and am helping in the programming.

Notable Projects

Project Name Role Final Outcome Summary Date Completed
Chap Research Outreach Management Application (CROMA) Programmer In Progress The CROMA is an organization and data system developed for FIRST Robotics Competition teams. N/A