Naira Ikram


Website Manager

Years in Program: 1
Cool Fact: Naira’s birthday has always been in the first week of school!


Naira is a junior at Westlake High School. She is working on the project DeltaBot and also manages the website. Although she is not a member of Robotics, Naira has an interest in the STEM field, which prompted her to apply for Chap Research. She is currently learning scripting for the website and Java in a class at school. Outside of Chap Research, Naira is Vice-President of HOSA, as she also expresses interest in the medical field and aspires to be a rheumatologist. In her free time, Naira enjoys figure skating, baking, reading, and watching Food Network.


Project Name Role Final Outcome Summary Date Completed
DeltaBot Contributor In Progress A system designed to provide valuable scouting data about robots during robotics competitions. In Progress