Rachel Gardner



Experience: 3 years
Number of Projects Led: 2 (note that this doesn’t include leading for the sake of teaching)
Email: Rachel@ChapResearch.com
Graduated: 2016
LinkedIn: Rachel Gardner
GitHub: rachel-1 (note that importing from SVN threw off my stats)
Interests: entrepreneurship, sleeping, programming, engineering, Chinese
Fun Fact: Rachel’s the lead inventor on a U.S. patent!


Rachel Gardner is a graduate of Westlake High School and one of the founding members of Chap Research as well as the team lead and programmer for the original project, the Chap Remote. Since the creation of the Chap Remote, she’s been trying to give other students the same opportunity, building up the infrastructure of Chap Research to accomplish this. With nearly four years of experience in FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Challenge as well as with Chap Research, she has worked with a variety of programming languages (C, C++, Java, LabView, PHP, mySQL), bread-boarding, soldering, 3-D printing, management, acting (in the ChapR commercial) etc. etc. She filled in all the little gaps on the team, managing everyone, while also doing marketing, manufacturing, software, mentoring etc. Though she had (very) very little spare time between being valedictorian and CEO, she liked playing video games, reading, going to movies and practicing Chinese.  With all that being said, her proudest accomplishment was getting an average of over 7 hours of sleep (though having a patent at 16 is 2nd place)!

Project Contributions

A brief listing of involvement in various projects (outside of duties as a CEO). Click on the titles for links to the project pages themselves, and click on the pictures for more information on specific involvement.

The ChapR Online Orders Database SprocketR
A patented Bluetooth remote control for FIRST robots!v1.1 Case (2)
The web interface for keeping track of ChapR sales.db_current_orders_site
A web application to generate pairs of custom sprockets.Cropped Sprocket in Blender
FRC ChapR Chap Research Outreach Management Application (CROMA) Fruit Spiral
The added functionality to run FRC robots with the ChapR.FRC ChapR
A web application to help FRC teams manage their outreach.CROMA Logo v1 (cheat version)
An Arduino-based game presented at TEDx Labs.DSC01641


Patent Number 9,043,031


–Click here for the full text of the patent!–


A listing of the seminars she’s given. Note that seminars are a recent requirement for membership in Chap Research (click here for more info).

Web Development Seminar

(click here if the videos don’t display properly)

  • how the internet works
  • using linux servers (and PuTTY)
  • using Emacs
  • writing HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP
  • using WordPress

Total Time: 17 hours
Total Attendance: 40 people
Link to Curriculum: Web Development Seminar Curriculum