About SprocketR: SprocketR is a web application to produce custom sprocket pairs based upon the parameters entered. The final output is a zip file of two 3D-printable STL files to download and test. During the process, the application will optimize the sprockets to create an appropriate amount of chain slack. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to change and balance your parameters to get the best sprockets for your application.

  • Start by entering the desired "gear ratio" (if necessary) and the center-to-center distance of the two sprockets.
  • You may also enter the number of the teeth for one or both of the sprockets if needed.
  • Choose the chain type desired.
  • Choose the hub mounting holes for the sprockets (if any).
  • Click "Generate Sprocket Options".
  • The results page will provide the opportunity to change parameters to get the sprockets to best fit your application.

Gear Ratio*:

Center to Center Distance (mm)*:

Chain Size*:

Number of Teeth on Sprocket 1: (optional)

Number of Teeth on Sprocket 2: (optional)

Desired Slack (default 1%):

Hub Choices:

Versa Hub

Tetrix Hub

Versa Bearing Hole