Chase Probst

Project Lead

Years of Experience: 2
Number of projects led: 1
Number of projects total: 3
Email address:

Cool Fact: Chase’s SprocketR Project started out as a meaningless way to kill free time in his classes.


Chase is a graduate of Westlake High School. He joined Chap Research after volunteering to solder ChapR’s. His first official project was the the Fruit Spiral, where he was responsible for constructing the display and the soldering that went with it. Later, Chase had the idea for the SprocketR and became its project lead. As the project lead he did all the mathematical programming, the math that makes it all work, and controlled the direction of the project. Also 3PSC is a spin off project he helped start.

Notable Projects

Project Name Role Final outcome Summary Date Completed
SprocketR Project Lead Finished Generating pairs of sprockets with minimal slack used for 3D printing 2015
3D Sprocket Characterization Technical Adviser Unfinished Characterizing the performance characteristics of different polymers used for 3D printing 2016
Fruit Spiral Team Member Finished An Arduino touch sensor game using fruit and electronics 2015