Lee Balboa

Lee Portrait
Years of Experience: 2 (2014-2016)
Number of projects led: 1 (ChapR Manufacturing Manager)
Email address: Lee@ChapResearch.com

Cool Fact:

 Lee rarely watches TV, and when he does, its usually NOVA or the news.


Never satisfied with what is, Lee was fascinated with how things work and studied them until he could add his own touch to them. Perhaps that’s why custom scripting and modding contributed greatly to his gaming experiences. When he does finally tear himself away from technology, Lee goes to the animals in his life to bring him joy. Lee was also in the Boy Scouts, striving to get Eagle Rank.
From trying different teaching techniques to improving the process itself, Lee, as the Chap Remote Manufacturing Manager, organized manufacturing sessions aimed at delivering a quality product in a timely manner while instilling confidence and reliability in the volunteers. Meanwhile, Lee helped with the 2015 ChapX project, Fruit Spiral. In this project, Lee contributed to various aspects of the hardware and software, while mainly contributing the presentation documenting the entire process of the project. After the Valentine’s Day presentation of the Fruit Spiral and with the final Chap Remote manufactured, Lee hopped on board with SprocketR, a new project to generate 3D printable sprockets specialized to minimize slack. Deciding to be the Web Interface Programmer, Lee has learned loads of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and some jQuery from barely knowing what an HTML tag was.

A cyber maniac extremist, I try to do everything to the best of my ability while using every last atom of technology nearby.

Notable Projects

Project Name Role Final outcome Summary Date Completed
The ChapR Manufacturing Manager Production finished Managing the manufacturing and shipment of Chap Remotes Late 2014
Fruit Spiral / ChapX 2015 Contributor Completion and display Assisted with manufacturing and documentation February 14, 2015
SprocketR Web Interface Programmer Beta website Made the website part of SprocketR – form, validation, communication with script that generates sprockets October 2015
ARbattles Electronics Lead Presentations at Mini Maker Faire, TEDx and iPadpalooza A tank game combining magnetic robotics, which can drive around on a vertical surface, with virtually projected playing pieces. October 2016