FRC ChapR Now Available! Commit now for a reduced price!

Latest News on 26 Apr , 2016

We are now collecting down payments for FRC ChapRs, the FRC-compatible version of our ChapR remote control! Just as a bit of background, the pocket-sized device connects via Bluetooth to your roboRIO (using a Bluetooth dongle), then takes the place of the laptop by translating joystick data and sending it to your tele-op program. We’ve gotten a lot of interest in the ChapR, but we need commitments that are a little more firm in order to determine how many ChapRs to produce.

If you are able to commit or commit and pay a small down payment, the ChapR will be $155 or $175 instead of the usual $200 (but only for a limited time!). Please visit our website ( for more information, and/or fill out this form to commit to buying a ChapR.